This is a kind of reacton speed arcade game. It is a hunt for high scores to

a) reach your limits,
b) unlock new levels,
c) get Steam achievements.

The speed of the game starts slowly and it gets faster and faster. How fast are you?
How many points can you get? It gets more difficult from level to level.

Create your own tactic to break your last high score.
Decide when to press the glowing buttons, when to defuse the bomb or when to open the chest.

THE VR CANYON is a canyoning simulation mixed with climbing.

Explore the beautiful hand build canyon in a playful way. There are many different places to scout and some secrets to find. Enjoy the beautiful nature, stop and be amazed, relax yourself at breathtaking nature. Have fun to climb, swim, jump while moving through the gorge. Abseil down at awsome scenery between waterfalls or slide down on rocks to dive in in crystal clear water pools. Enjoy to stand under beautiful waterfalls.

Even bigger challenges are taken care of:

- swing from rope to rope to overcome the gorge
- overcome longer distances to continue your way
- handle rope bridges
- long climbing passages that will challenge you physically will be rewarded with a
breathtaking view from the high cliffs into the deep gorge

This is real canyoning.